Spy X Family episode 10: Release date and time, where to watch, and more

Spy X Family episode 10: Release date and time, where to watch, and more
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After the heavy atmosphere from last week, episode Spy x Family episode 10 is poised to refocus on Anya, as well as a more carefree mood in general. The preview suggests that this episode will center around a game of dodgeball between Anya’s classmates, which obviously leads to hilarious consequences.

Spy x Family episode 10 is also set to determine whether Bond will be introduced in this session or not. After this week, there are only two episodes left of the anime’s first series. However, the show’s overwhelming popularity suggests that a second cour will be announced soon.

Spy X Family episode 10: Release date and time for different time zone, streaming details and speculation

Spy x Family ep 9. Yes, they are a fake family (for now), but that doesn’t mean they don’t worry about each other or about fulfilling their roles. Of the three of them, Yor was the most worried about it but he also had a big heart. You can do it Yor!!😊… What a sweet ep

Spy x Family episode 10 entitled “Great Dodgeball Plan (Dojjibōru Daisakusen).” This episode will air TV Tokyo at 11:00 p.m. JST in Japan on Saturday, June 11. A subtitled version of the episode will be broadcast online at the following international times on June 11.

  • Pacific Summer Time: 08.30
  • Middle Summer Time: 10.30am
  • Eastern Summer Time: 11.30am
  • UK Summer Time: 16:30
  • Central European Summer Time: 17:30
  • Indian Standard Time: 9:00pm
  • Philippines Time: 23:30
  • Central Australian Daylight Time: 01.00 (Sunday, 12 June)

Crunchyroll will be streaming Spy x Family episode 10 outside of Asia, while Muse Communications will stream the episode across Asia on their YouTube channel, as well as on Netflix, iQIYI, Bilibili, Disney+, and other regional streaming platforms.

Recap Episode 9

Spy x Family episode 9 adapts chapters 13 and 14 of the manga. Picking up from the last episode, Loid and Yor are forced to kiss to prove the validity of their marriage to Yuri. However, Yor got drunk and, out of shame, attacked Yuri. Although Loid managed to smooth things over, that night left a deep impact on the three of them.


The next morning, Yor looks worried about letting his new family down, and believes Loid is mad at him. On the other hand, Loid places a bug on Yor to determine if he is helping Yuri in any way with his SSS mission. He and Franky, disguised as SSS personnel, corner Yor in an alley and try to intimidate him into admitting his relationship with Yuri.


However, Yor only protects his family, revealing to WISE agents that he knows nothing about his brother’s work. After the ordeal, Twilight begins to feel guilty for suspecting Yor, and Franky warns her of the dangers of getting too attached to his fake wife. On the way home, Loid and Yor ran into each other, and he secretly removed the bug from his clothes.

Spy x Family Episode 9. I really love that this show focuses on character development rather than action, although I would have liked more plot juice! this is the funniest episode to date! don’t forget you turned her sister into Beyblade🤣🤣 #anime #SPY_FAMILY https://t.co/gXFhdkeVsY

Yor and Loid cleared the air between them, or at least as far as the predicament they were currently in. However, while Yor immerses himself deeper into the roles of Anya’s mother and Loid’s wife, Twilight realizes her growing attachment to family, which she will have to leave after the surgery is complete.

What to expect from Spy x Family episode 10


Spy x Family episode 10 will likely include chapters 15 and 16, possibly even chapter 17. This will likely provide a segment into the final two episodes adapting chapters 18 through 23, ending the first cour with the introduction of Bond. The pace so far has been smooth and unhurried, and hopefully the series can keep it up.

The preview suggests that the episode will center around the game of Dodgeball. It also suggests that Spy x Family episode 10 will use a parody of some sort of typical sports anime match, where it all comes down to saving one point. Ironically enough, with Stix’s operation hanging on Anya’s every move, a match involving Anya and Damian might just be the be all and end all for world peace.

As per the anime pattern, there may be a second part of the episode that hasn’t been shown in the preview yet. If Spy x Family episode 10 follows the manga’s chronology, so the second part of this episode will also focus on Anya and provide viewers with pleasant, if funny, surprises.

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