Watch: A Day in the Life of Superbon Singha Mawynn

Watch: A Day in the Life of Superbon Singha Mawynn
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ONE Championship shared a video on Twitter of Superbon Singha Mawynn, world featherweight kickboxing champion hitting the pad and training.

The caption reads:

“A day in the life of Superbon Singha Mawynn. #WeAreONE.”

The clip shows the Thai-born kickboxing champion hitting pads and heavy bags with Coach Gae, ultimately tripping him up. It’s a very intense workout featuring Coach Gae and Superbon, who have worked together for years.

It’s hard to overstate how good Gae is when she holds the pads. The Superbon is world class, of course, but anyone who’s trained himself knows how nice it can be to have a competent pad holder. It simulates an exchange, not just standing in front of each other and holding/punching

Superbon Singha Mawynn has had a very impressive run in ONE Championship. He won victories over extremely talented fighters such as K-1 champion Marat Grigorian and GLORY champion Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong.

He clinched his ONE Championship title when he beat kickboxing great Giorgio Petrosyan with a head kick.

Are you kidding? Superbon drops Giorgio Petrosyan COLD

Later this year, Superbon will look to defend his title against ONE Featherweight Grand Prix Champion Chingiz Allazov. After that fight, Superbon will probably try to win more titles in other disciplines.

Talk to SCMP MMASuperbon explains his plan:

“I want to have three [championship belts]… I tried going to MMA after Muay Thai… Maybe we could go with mixed rules, like Rodtang… Would be nice.”

Watch Superbon’s interview with SCMP MMA below:


Superbon Singha Mawynn might want more ONE gold

Superbon Singha Mawynn may be looking to add more ONE Championship titles to his coat. As mentioned, he might go up to heavyweight, he might fight in Muay Thai, or he might try MMA.

Speak to Team Wheaton from Calf Kick SportsSuperbon explains:

“I’m going to do Muay Thai first… I’m going to win the Muay Thai belt first… [Then] maybe go up to 75 kilos… Or I’ll go to MMA. Like mixed rules [fight] like Rodtang or something.”

Watch Superbon’s interview with Calf Kick Sports below:


MMA Champion at Superbon Heavyweight in Thanh Le. Le responded to this call and said that it would be an honor to face the Thai champions. Similarly, Muay Thai featherweight title holder Petchmorakot Petchyindee said he would welcome a fight with Superbon. In an interview with ONE Championship, he said:

“I will always welcome him, if he wants to compete with me for the Muay Thai world championship. For now, I am the current champion, so I have nothing to fear.”

Ahead of Superbon is a major title defense. Then the champion can change heavyweights or even change his sport. He says he wants titles in MMA and Muay Thai in addition to his kickboxing belt. The future is very exciting for Superbon.

Here are 10 of Superbon’s anti-pressure moves: Teeps and angled kicks keep Grigorian’s distance and then when he goes in, Superbon sweeps his forelegs, gets a collar tie, and spins back to center where he immediately returns to his jab to rebuild range.

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