Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 188: What to expect, release date, where to read and more

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 188: What to expect, release date, where to read and more
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After an unexpected flashback scene from last week, fans are hopeful Kaisen Jujutsu Chapter 188 to provide more details on Kashimo’s past. The final chapter also raises hopes of seeing more of Kenjaku’s relationship with the reincarnated mage, especially his interactions with Ryu Ishigori and Takako Uro.

Meanwhile, Kashimo’s battle with Hakari in the present is getting interesting. Akutami hasn’t given Kashimo any new ammunition to counter Hakari’s overwhelming power, but it proves from his earlier statement in the last chapter that he won’t lose so easily.

Speculation Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 188: Will Akutami reveal more about Kenjaku’s past?

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Official sources state that the English translation of Kaisen Jujutsu Chapter 188 will be released internationally on Sunday, June 19, according to the following schedule.

  • Pacific Summer Time: 08:00
  • Middle Summer Time: 10am
  • Eastern Summer Time: 11:00
  • UK Summer Time: 16:00
  • Central European Summer Time: 17:00
  • Indian Standard Time: 20:30
  • Philippines Time: 23:00
  • Central Australian Summer Time: 00:30, 20 June

After release, Kaisen Jujutsu Chapter 188 will be available for free reading on the official Manga Plus, Viz, and Shonen Jump Apps.

Chapter 187 Recap

In Kaisen Jujutsu Chapter 187, entitled “Tokyo Colony No.2 (Part 6)” Kashimo was made to understand the rules of Idle Death Gamble, similar to Charles. However, three new facts were revealed as follows:

a) In a match-3 jackpot (drawing three tiles of the same number), an odd numbered draw (for example, three 3s) will result in increased odds for the next spin. However, even-numbered draws (three 6s, for example) will only award the Jackpot and there will be no increase in probability.

b) The increased probabilities allow for a greater chance of hitting the jackpot, even with the lower rated Riichi scenario.

c) When he passes the spin between two jackpots, Hakari is mortal.

Hakari hit another jackpot by meeting the low-ranking Riichi and drawing three 6s. Kashimo realized that the effect of the Jackpot would expire after the specified 4 minutes and 11 seconds without increasing the odds for the next spin as it was an even numbered draw. However, instead of waiting, Kashimo plans to kill Hakari while the others are immortal in a game of power.

In flashback to 400 years ago, Kenjaku approaches an old and sick Kashimo after the battle. Kashimo seems obsessed with fighting strong opponents but his age makes him reluctant to travel too far for it, despite the lure of opponents like Ryu Ishigori. Kenjaku himself is unfit for battle. After being told that the strongest mage Kenjaku has ever met is Sukuna, Kashimo accepts a reincarnation deal for a chance against the cursed king another time.

What to expect from Kaisen Jujutsu Chapter 188?

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Not sure which direction Akutami will choose Kaisen Jujutsu Chapter 188. There is a high chance that this chapter will revolve around the battle between Hakari and Kashimo, in which case readers can expect an action-oriented chapter that showcases whatever tricks Kashimo has.

It seemed unlikely Akutami would abandon him with just a half-explained Cursed Technique against Hakari’s advanced Domain. On the other hand, as many readers have pointed out, Kashimo is a mage from the past and is accustomed to using brute force to defeat fancy techniques. It was also possible that he was planning to defeat the immortal Hakari based on his endurance and bloodlust.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 188 can also focus on flashbacks from 400 years ago, and outline Kenjaku’s designs in that era. Kenjaku seemed more open about his true nature in the past than he is now. It will be interesting to see him interact with characters like Uro, Ishigori, or even Sukuna.

Akutami can easily make Kaisen Jujutsu Chapter 188 is an amalgamation of the two and switches between past and present just like he did in the previous chapter. It’s obvious that Colony No. 2 Tokyo arc is not ending anytime soon.

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