Canadian GP F1 2022: Preview and Predictions

Canadian GP F1 2022: Preview and Predictions
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The F1 circus is gearing up for the 2022 Canadian GP this weekend. In what is a reflection of the somewhat congested F1 calendar this season, the team will head to Montréal without completely leaving the Azerbaijan GP zone.

Canada will be the 9th race in a season that has seen several twists and turns. Max Verstappen, who is 46 points behind Charles Leclerc after the Australian GP DNF, is now 34 points ahead.

Red Bull are on a 5 winning streak, with Verstappen winning 4 of them. Meanwhile, Ferrari are having a hard time and hit rock bottom in Baku with double DNF. The Italian squad will see the Canadian GP as the perfect opportunity to return to the top, a position that has not been achieved for a long time.

Mercedes, on the other hand, will be concerned about the bumpy nature of the Canadian GP with the car suffering the most from porpoising in F1. At the same time, teams like McLaren and Alfa Romeo will be hoping to make a recovery after average performances at the Azerbaijan GP. So, what can we expect from the Canadian GP? Let’s find out in our race preview and share our predictions for the same.

Main storyline

Ferrari #1 poor performance

In the last 5 races, Charles Leclerc has lost 80 points in the championship to Max Verstappen. Of the 80 points, only the Imola GP can be called a weekend where the Ferrari driver did not perform optimally.

The reliability issues experienced by the Ferrari power unit are worrying as most of the customer’s cars fall by the wayside in Baku. The Italian team is on a 5-game losing streak with serious reliability issues that have yet to be resolved. In the context of a championship fight, things are not looking good for the Scuderia.

#2 Porpoising and driver health

Watching Lewis Hamilton suffer severe back pain as he tries to get out of the cockpit or Daniel Ricciardo stretching his back during a post-race interview for the 2022 Azerbaijan F1 GP is not something you want to see. Back injuries are no joke and drivers shouldn’t have them because you can’t train your body to deal with them.

#F1: Esteban Ocon on dolphins: “None of us want to sound like a diva or complain that cars are too hard to drive, but we need to realize that it’s not healthy to go into the future. Not necessarily a dolphin, I think it’s the rigidity of the car

The problem is that there is no solution in sight due to the varying degrees of porpoising problems faced by the team, which leaves them at a competitive disadvantage if solutions such as standard ride height are introduced.

The Canadian GP won’t offer much respite from the bounce effect either. The track is bumpy, has long straights, and the drivers will most likely complain. Will there be an impact? We’ll have to wait and see to find out.

#3 Form Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren

F1 media lashed out at Daniel Ricciardo after his Monaco GP disaster. The Australian bounced back in Baku and was more or less on pace all weekend. Now, the question is, is it one more time, or has the team finally found a solution to Ricciardo’s problem?

It may take a lot of thought and a few sample races to finally reach a decision. Ricciardo bought himself a few more races before McLaren finally made up his mind.

Form Guide

On Form

5 wins in 5 races! Is that even a debate? Red Bull is on its way now and the team can’t go wrong at this point. After the third race of the season, he has a slower and more unreliable car in his garage. Since then, the team has reinvented itself and turned the car into a faster and more reliable package on the grid. The team is on cloud nine now and will keep trying to keep rolling.

Out of Shape

On the other side of the coin from Red Bull is Ferrari. Scuderia ruled the world after the Australian GP. Leading both championships by a significant margin and winning two of the first three races was a dream start for a team that was basically in midfield last season.

Everything has fallen apart since then, as Ferrari have yet to win a single race and come into the Canadian GP with a double DNF. The Prancing Horse needs a strong weekend and is eager to have one.

Predictions for Canadian GP

Competition winner

Many fans have left no stone unturned in ruling out Ferrari as a championship contender. Moreover, pundits are already clamoring for Red Bull’s advantage seeing the track for the Canadian GP.

To be honest, it’s still too early to say such a thing! Why? Remember the 2022 F1 Australian GP? Ferrari are very strong on that track because, while the tracks are straight, they are not very long conventionally.

If we compare Red Bull and Ferrari on the straights, the latter is better in acceleration whereas the former is better in the second phase on the straights where top speed takes over. For the Canadian GP, ​​Ferrari probably holds the lead everywhere, apart from the last sector.

This is very painful. There he is. Thank you for your continued support ❤️

Of course, reliability is a concern, but if the team can handle it then this weekend we can get back to the top of the table for Charles Leclerc.

Canadian GP weekend surprise


Recent reports reveal that Aston Martin have been able to understand the porpoising effect that has damaged many riders at the recent Azerbaijan GP. Sebastian Vettel revealed in Baku that since the massive upgrade at Barcelona, ​​the team has been pushing the boundaries gradually each race weekend.

Great place to race. What are you looking at #SV5 had to say before #Canada GP. ️

With 3 races under its belt and a track that shows a resemblance to Baku, Aston Martin might just be the leading midfield team at the Canadian GP. From being second last on the grid to being the best of the bunch, it will be quite an uphill journey for the team.


Sebastian Vettel has reached the purple patch this season. The Aston Martin racer has overshadowed anything Lance Stroll can achieve in the car because the distance is too great now.

At the Canadian GP, ​​we feel that the German will have a capable car underneath. Is the podium possible? That’s a long shot, but why not! Expect Vettel to put together a strong result over the weekend.

Canadian GP weekend disappointment


Mercedes can’t afford to have another race where their driver gets out of the car looking as tired as Lewis Hamilton did in Baku. While teams can complain and scream about rules needing to change, the first thing to make sure is that the drivers have a safe car under them.

#AMuS You get the feeling that for the most part, only Mercedes is really struggling with the side effects of ground effect cars. Aston Martin can drive more gently with their B version. Red Bull doesn’t care, Ferrari can control the dolphins better & doesn’t sacrifice performance

Mercedes ran two different setups in Baku for its two drivers which left Lewis Hamilton suffering the effects of the race while George Russell looked rather comfortable.

For the Canadian GP, ​​the team would ideally run a more conservative setup. If that’s the case, expect the team to struggle this weekend in midfield.


Mick SchumacherConfidence’s somewhat shattered after the crash in Monaco. Racing in Baku did reveal a racer who not only lacked confidence but also lacked the overall speed to do anything with the car. This weekend, he comes to the Canadian GP for the first time in his F1 career.

If we look at the trends, it’s hard to expect anything special from the German youth this weekend.

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