My Hero Academia Chapter 357: Release date, what to expect, where to read and more

My Hero Academia Chapter 357: Release date, what to expect, where to read and more
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My Hero Academy Chapter 357 will reveal to readers if Horikoshi intends to rush through the AFO fight. The heroes had attacked the demon lord twice at this point, and it seemed overkill for him to return after his mask was broken twice.

Moreover, the heroes only had a few tricks left, and half of their attack power was seriously injured. Thus, this chapter finds the battle at a stalemate.

However, fans expect Endeavor to receive further explanation at My Hero Academy Chapter 357. Horikoshi has explored the Fire Hero’s soul in recent chapters with better hands than he had in the previous arc. While this treatment has received mixed reception, so far it has been expertly performed and should climax in a future chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 357 must find the heroes in a lucrative stalemate

My Hero Academic, Ch. 356: Cracks in All For One’s armor appear, can he really be defeated?! Read FREE from official sources!

Since there is no rest this week, My Hero Academy Chapter 357 will be released on Sunday, June 26, at the following international times:

  • Pacific Summer Time: 08:00
  • Middle Summer Time: 10am
  • Eastern Summer Time: 11:00
  • UK Summer Time: 16:00
  • Central European Summer Time: 17:00
  • Indian Standard Time: 20:30
  • Philippines Time: 23:00
  • Central Australian Summer Time: 00:30, 27 June

After its publication, My Hero Academy Chapter 357 will be available for free on Manga Plus and Viz, as well as the Shonen Jump App.

Synopsis Chapter 356

Tokoyami, AFO.Manga: My Hero Academia [Ch.356]

In Chapter 356, entitled “Regarding the Enemy,Tokoyami tries to finish breaking the AFO mask with his new attack after being pushed by Jirou. AFO learns that his remnant rebellion has slowed his reflexes, and devours consciousness from his stolen quirk to regain control.

He attacked the three heroes with countless swords, and Hawks jumped to protect Tokoyami. However, Endeavor returns to war and protects the two, but loses his right arm to the sword in the process. The blades also put the AFO mask back together.

As he is paralyzed on the ground, Endeavor has visions of his younger self, which remind him of the origin of his hero’s name. He had watched his father die while trying to save a little girl, and then chose a name meaning “Hard Work” to become someone special like his father.

However, his younger self reminds him that Enji has always been less than superhuman, and he has to accept this weakness because it pushes him to do what needs to be done.

Right now, Endeavor admitted that he had to win the fight, and if he had to use his weakness for it, he would gladly do so. Replacing his severed arm with one made of fire, Endeavor punched the AFO mask again and managed to shatter it to pieces. He also burned his arm and the wound on his side to stop the bleeding.

What to expect from My Hero Academy Chapter 357

Horikoshi has been building the Endeavor character arc for a long time and it can be assumed that it will reach its peak. My Hero Academy Chapter 357. Undoubtedly, this is a tumultuous journey for readers, but the revelation of Endeavor’s origins does make clear his drive and motivation, and most importantly, the change in his attitude in recent years.

Even if Endeavor had burned his wounds, he was extremely weak. As Tokoyami notes, the Hawks don’t have the strength to actually penetrate the AFO defenses, and Jirou himself is seriously injured.

If the AFO deals the damage that Endeavor just dealt, most of the upcoming attacks will fall on Tokoyami and the Fire Hero.

It seems unlikely that AFO will be able to put the mask back on a second time. If he can’t do it, then the fight will be in the heroes’ favor My Hero Academy Chapter 357.

While it seems surprising that the battle with one of the two main villains of the series would end so suddenly, it must be remembered that Horikoshi has set a time limit on himself and has kept most of the final battle relatively short. Hopefully, readers will see a relatively longer struggle when it comes to All for One.

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