how to delete your neopets account? [Answer] 2022

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Can you change your Neopets account name?

Yes, you can change your Neopets account name. To do so, go to theAccounts section of your Neopets account and click on the Change Account Name link. Then enter a new name for your account.

How do I access my old Neopets account?

To access your old Neopets account, you must first create a new one. To do so, visit the Neopets website and sign in with your username and password. Once you have logged in, select the “Accounts” tab and click on the “Create New Account” button. You will be asked to create a username and password. After you have created your account, you can use it to log in to your old account.

Do Neopets accounts get deleted?

No, Neopets accounts do not get deleted.

Did Neopets purge old accounts?

No, Neopets does not purge old accounts.

Was Neopets hacked?

There is no evidence to suggest that Neopets was hacked.

How do you log into Neopets without birthday?

To log into Neopets, you will need to create an account and provide your birthday.

When was the last Neopets purge?

Neopets purge every week on Monday.

How many Neopets do you have?

I have over 1,000 Neopets.

Will Neopets shut down?

Neopets is a user-generated website and online service that has been in operation since 1999. The website and online service are not affected by any planned or scheduled changes.

Is Neopets still going?

Neopets is still going as of right now. They offer a lot of content and features that make it a great online community for players of all ages.

How do I activate my Neopets account?

To activate your Neopets account, you will need to provide your user name and password.

How do I submit a ticket on Neopets?

To submit a ticket on Neopets, you can use the following steps:
Log in to your account.
Click on the “My Account” link at the top of the page.
In the “My Account Settings” area, click on the “Submit a Ticket” button.
Enter your desired information in the “Title” field and click on the “Submit” button.

When did Neopets become popular?

Neopets became popular on December 1, 1999.

Is Neopets coming to mobile?

Neopets is not currently available on mobile platforms, but we are always working on new and exciting features that will be available soon. We hope to bring Neopets to mobile soon!

Is Neopets secure?

Neopets is very secure, and no third party can access your account or data without your permission.

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