One Piece Chapter 1058 (leaked): Twitter is in chaos over Mihawk’s new bounty

One Piece Chapter 1058 (leaked): Twitter is in chaos over Mihawk’s new bounty
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One piece Chapter 1058 gives Dracule Mihawk fans everything they want and more.

Readers have been waiting for the bounty since Kaido and Big Mom were defeated in the Onigashima Raid. Dear Whistleblower Redon has some good news from the Arlong Park Forum. There are some reward disclosures in the upcoming chapter. Of course, it was Mihawk who caught everyone’s attention.

Based on the leak for One piece Chapter 1058, Mihawk will have a very high bounty of 3,590,000,000 berries. To put this into perspective, he is worth 590 million more than Monkey D. Luffy, Trafalgar Law, and Eustass Kid. Remember, they just defeated Kaido and Big Mom not too long ago.

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Twitter fans celebrate Mihawk’s bounty on One piece Chapter 1058

“This is a W for Mihawk fans”

#ONEPIECE1058 #One piece“Mihawk is a swindler” “Mihawk is just a warlord” “Mihawk is Buggy’s Subordinate” “Shanks is clear from Mihawk” “The title of the strongest swordsman in the world is a cheat” Oda:

Unsurprisingly, some fans have gone into hype overdrive for the reveal of Mihawk’s 3.590 million bounty. There was only a difference of 458,900,000 between him and Shanks, which totaled 4,048,900,000 berries. Mihawk is right up there in terms of Yonko threat level.

#ONEPIECE1058mihawk without crew, influence, threat to wg or territory is considered by wg to have a higher threat level than two, if not three emperors solely based on his strength this is actually a big W for mihawk fans.

One piece Chapter 1058 raises a very interesting question. Some fans have pointed out that Mihawk’s bounty should be based solely on strength. He didn’t seem to rule much territory, and he didn’t have many allies outside the Cross Guild. His combat skills are what brought him to the New World.

Of course, there’s also the fact that he regularly goes after the Marines. One piece Chapter 1058 reveals that Mihawk’s former title is “Sea Hunter.” This has huge implications for the whole story.

More than a few readers speculated that he must have defeated someone very powerful at that time. There was no way Mihawk had a bounty of 3,590,000,000 if he just beat up the Vice Admiral.

#ONEPIECE1058 LmfaooooooMihawk is not a vassal in the first placeYes all mihawk haters run out he gets 3+ billion for power alone

After all, Mihawk fans will have a good meal afterwards One piece Chapter 1058. Even after everything Luffy did in Wano Country, Mihawk still has a slightly higher bounty. He is the strongest Warlord in the series.

Mihawk’s bounty is very reasonable


Back in the day, Mihawk would regularly argue with his old rival Shanks. They are said to shake the foundations of the Grand Line. It was clear that Mihawk would have a high bounty.

Of course, the question is finding the right approximation. At the very least, readers finally got their answer in One piece Chapter 1058. Mihawk is not much inferior to Shanks. In fact, he was currently taller than Blackbeard.

Fans waited 22 years for the prize


When he was first introduced in the Baratie arc, Mihawk had already made a name for himself as the greatest swordsman in the world. He squandered Don Krieg’s entire fleet and easily defeated Roronoa Zoro with a dinner knife.

Readers know he is a strong fighter. However, Mihawk’s bounty is a complete mystery in this series. For a long time, readers could only speculate that Mihawk had the highest bounty of any former Warlord.

One piece Chapter 1058 finally answered the question of a decade. Mihawk was truly a worthy rival to Shanks in the past, and this is truly the final saga for the series.

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