ONE preview and predictions on Prime Video 1: Demetrious Johnson vs. Adriano Moraes

ONE preview and predictions on Prime Video 1: Demetrious Johnson vs. Adriano Moraes
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The main event of ONE on Prime Video 1 will probably be the biggest rematch in ONE Championship history.

ONE flyweight world champion Adriano Moraes will defend his gold against Demetrious Johnson for the second time this Friday, 26 August at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Their titanic rematch will also headline ONE Championship’s first event to be broadcast live on Amazon Prime Video.

Moraes was the first person in history to ever finish off Johnson, the man who is considered one of the greatest fighters of all time. The Brazilian wanted nothing more than to get another important win against the American legend.

Johnson, meanwhile, will look to avenge the loss and become the first mixed martial artist to win a world title in ONE Championship and UFC.

The legacy will surely be cemented in ONE in Prime Video 1, but whose destiny, Moraes or Johnson? The ONE Championship team from Sportskeeda MMA tried to answer that.

Atilano Diaz: Adriano Moraes via submission

Demetrious Johnson had a second chance for victory when he rematched Adriano Moraes, and I think this time, ‘Mighty Mouse’ knows what he wants and will make the necessary adjustments to make it a much more competitive fight. In terms of skill and talent, I believe Johnson is simply a better fighter than Moraes, although the gap is not very wide in this regard.

Therefore, the difference in size is very significant and greatly benefits the Brazilian. When you have two equally great fighters, the bigger man always wins. That’s a combat sport for you. Mora with submission.

Ben Imperial: Adriano Moraes through submission

Like Adriano, I respect Demetrious Johnson for everything he has done in his illustrious career. However, this was an opportunity for ‘Mikinho’ to silence critics who thought he was just lucky to land that knee on the DJ. I feel both fighters have proven themselves to be elite athletes and neither of them will suffer a loss if they lose in ONE in Prime Video 1.

However, Moraes has more of an advantage in this fight than Johnson, which leads me to believe that he will keep the gold in their rematch. Moraes with a fourth round submission.

Duane Lucas Pascua: Adriano Moraes through decision

The Brazilian will use his size and grappling prowess to control DJ’s moves and dominate him in the grappling exchange in headliner ONE in Prime Video 1. This will be a continuation of the first bout. Mikinho would use his moves to disrupt the DJ’s rhythm, then once he got the chance, he would clinch or takedown to bring the fight to the ground, where he has a clear size and skill advantage. It will last for five rounds on the way to a decision victory for Moraes.

James De Rozario: Adriano Moraes through decision

Moraes will defend his world title once again by defeating ‘Mighty Mouse’ at ONE in Prime Video 1. However, the Brazilian golfer’s path to victory will be much more difficult than how he ended last year’s match. I saw Johnson pushing him in all five rounds, whether it was in the striking or grappling realm.

Circle control will be key in this matchup, and given the division king’s experience on the global stage, I see it getting the nod.

Vince Richards: Adriano Moraes through decision

Adriano Moraes has beaten Demetrious Johnson once, and that alone makes their ONE rematch in Prime Video 1 feel like a big fight. Moraes would prove to the world that he was on the same level as Johnson, while ‘Mighty Mouse’ would definitely try to avenge the defeat.

Expect a martial arts chess match between two flyweight kings, but be prepared for how Moraes exploits his size and gains an advantage over the shorter Johnson. I saw Moraes take the hoop to his advantage and pull Johnson to his speed in their match at ONE in Prime Video 1.

Consensus: 5-0 Moraes

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